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The Olympus XA : The best film street photography camera?


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  • As you say, the XA is the most complex of the versions; the following models were stripped in various ways to capitalize of the high volume of XA sales. It's limitations are mainly two. First, it is auto exposure only. You pick the lens aperture; the camera picks the shutter speed. It has a +1.5 stop over-ride for back-lite scenes, but no other user control. Secondly, contrary to statements here ans elsewhere, the lens is very compromised. (Which a nice way of saying, not so great.) To have the user convenience of having, the front cover slide over the lens without the lens moving in and out of the body (like Contax T2 or Rollei 35)

  • Is it firing when closed? If so, it shouldn't be. I always wind on, then I shut the clamshell. I never get accidental shots. Also, on my camera the meter is inaccurate in the window, but not in exposure. So it might say 1/15th, but I take the shot anyway and get a sharp photo. I think this is a fairly common issue. Now I just think in terms of sunny 16, and if I know I have the light, I can ignore what the meter is telling me and be confident I'll get the shot.

  • Wow this camera looks very retro ! I think 35mm is definitely the best lens for street photo on every camera but this one looks very discreet šŸ˜‰ Can you make a sample video for this camera ?

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