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  • @TulipWife – I disagree about such images not being for the public. The reason is because it shows us that such moments are a shared human thing, that we are all the same, that all parents see their children as uniquely beautiful in a common way. Mann's work shows the common beauty of private lives in a way that often resonates with our own experiences: "we are not alone" – That's very important.

  • .STOP ASKING STUPID MORALISTIC QUESTIONS about her work…If she wanted to retract some sexuality,some sensuality on her job with children what´s wrong?Who can deny that children have beautiful bodies?Beauty is beauty,it must be art
    This is not porn,and if the children preadolescent wants to,even porn the kid must have the right to do

  • Is Aaron Zamora this week minded…..She seems to be viewing these images in a state of fear………..she should grow up……life is not simple….those with a lack of knowledge will suffer.
    Oh…by the way……they used to make candy cigarettes…..and that photograph has a thousand messages that you will never see if you are so afraid Aaron.

  • After watching the documentary of her on pbs.. I learned that those children are hers. The one where her daughter is holding the candy ciggarett..she just told her daughter to give a give up ..stressed up look. And thats what she gave. There are a couple of nude pictures of her children that maybe she or her husband can enjoy. Like her daugher laying on her back nude.. it captured a sweetness only a mom can understand. But..I don't think it should be for pubic

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