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John Free Goes Shooting “What a Joy of Life” Street Photography Tips


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  • Just finished this wonderful video, the only thing i wanna do now is grab my camera, my 50mm, and go take pictures outside. Thanks you SIR, great inspiration.

    Regards from France

  • Any camera that has a frame. A frame to use when framing your subject. A cheap cell phone camera is fine. Fine to start with. Maybe find a camera that is best suited to what a photographer desires to photograph. I have to ask myself the question of, how important do I feel it is for me to get the shot exactly when it makes sense to my brain. An instantaneous emotional reaction to an instant in time. No time for slow hands. No time for equipment difficulties. Any camera that will not allow accurate framing and a shutter with a delay, should be avoided. Quick, quick. No time for fun and games with cameras that are not effective for this instantaneous type of photography. Just a half second to late and the masterpiece is lost forever. You missed. Slap your own face. Why did you miss? Did the camera hold you back? Or was it a slow brain. Maybe the brain should be trained, as well as the hands, to arrive at a better understanding of ones intent and an enhanced understanding of the process and eventual product desired and why. Always asking ones self, "WHY". What will the viewer of my photograph feel? Why will the viewer feel that way, in response to my photograph? How can I adjust my framing of the subject to make sure I have given enough information to the viewer, in order for the viewer to interpret my photograph. My sister-in-law, Dee, told me years ago, that the brain is the camera and the camera is a boat anchor hanging from your neck.

  • On shaving "real quick like bootcamp" hah that made me laugh thanks John Free for your inspiration. Former art student and coastie whom just recently picked up a few film point and shoots and cheap color film. Thank you so much!

  • This was so impactful! Your philosophy and insight brought a whole new understanding to the genre for me. I connect with it on so many levels! Can't wait to roam the streets tomorrow!

  • There are so many obnoxious buffoons out there these days who run around, shove their cameras in people's faces, and give street photographers a bad name. You sir, however, give the perfect example of how a street photographer should work. I enjoy the genuine and light hearted interactions you have with the people you photograph. We need more people like you out there. Thank you for the videos.

  • Mr John, I love your energy and positive thinking about everything around you. It's rare in today's times. Thank you for reminding me about stopping the rush of everyday life.

  • Hello Mr. Free, there's not enough words to thank you for your contribute to photography. You are a truly amazing photographer and storyteller. Please, if you're ever in Lisbon contact me. I'll be more than glad to walk with you in the city and have a good conversation.

    Best Regards,

    Pedro Saporiti

  • John Free is my inspiration for overcomming the fear for street photography. You encouraged me to start photographing round one year ago. If there is someone experienced in photographing with screw mount Leica, plese visit my Channel and see a compilation of my photos taken with Leica IIIc and some LTM-lenses. Im open and gratful for your critic, suggestions or tips. For visitig and any feedback – many thanks in advance.

  • hey, John! I would love some feedback on some of my work! I'm a 17 year old kid getting started in photography. I love your work and your attitude towards photography. if you could check out some of my portfolio here, especially the street portion, and email me back or leave a comment here, that would be great. I appreciate what you do for the photography community and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Amazing channel Mr. John Free…very valuable content and inspiring! I really hope there will be a chance to see you over here in London (UK)
    Looking forward to see future videos and please keep us inspired the way you been doing.

  • It is true. Your not special as an artist. you are still a person so dont feel better than everyone else. art is only art when other people celebrate it. so why look down at those people who percieve your artwork and actually make it art… it is all one masterpiece

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