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  • I enjoy your videos, and it must be nice to have others work along side of you. Michelle, hope I spelled it correctly. …was a delight. I feel as she does about switching out lenses. I must applaud you guys for really taking the time to put together a video on a subject that's been recorded many times, only you broke everything down so simply, and had fun doing so. .great! truth is I have many always asking me questions when they see me with my camera. very informative guys, thanks.

  • Do you know how inside the lens of your camera work?

    Many of us, who take photos frequently, sometimes take for
    granted the wonderful technology that is within our cameras. While you adjust
    the parameters that take the photo, inside the lens of your camera you should
    also make your work so that the image is in focus and stabilized, in addition
    to handling the aperture. But how? The video you see below will give you an
    idea of ​​how inside the lens of your camera works.

    Canon managed to capture the attention of all who attended
    the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, with this brief technical
    demonstration of what happens inside one of its objectives. In the first part
    of the video we can see how the engines STM approach, a new technology of a
    Canon auto focus lens work. The movement of these engines allows it to function
    smoothly and quickly. In the second part we see the electromagnetic mechanism
    used to control the aperture. And finally, show how the system also image
    stabilization lens Canon works. This interesting demonstration surely invites
    us to appreciate a little better the great tool we have at our disposal.

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