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DSLR Tutorial: Night Photography


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  • Question I just got a Cool Pix L 840 digital camera .What is the best ISO setting for this camera my new camera dose't have a F scale stetting on it .My ISO goes from 125 to 6400 . .I am trying to take night pictures of the Boston sky line .

  • Great tips. And make sure your tripod is planted , definitely remote shutter control or at least shutter delay, and mirror lock up… Boom, slay the night time!

  • I just got my first DSLR I have never shot at night before I have little experience from 7 years ago in Graphic Design classes, I don't exactly get what you mean when you say ISO = slower grain, Slower Shutter Speed = more chance of blur. I thought you want no blur with slower shutter speed because the slower the shutter speed the more light you get through the more clear shot you get? I don't understand.

  • So I took out my DSLR on a pretty night, set it on a cheap tripod. Aimed at a nice city skyline with some lights, set exposure to 30 seconds, the result was crap. It's so much harder than you think lol.

  • I Have a Cannon 50D and it takes great pictures.
    I was trying some night photography, and every picture was out of focus like camera shake.. so I was going crazy wondering why the hell my pictures are not focused.
    I had everything correct I been a photographer for over 20 years and knew my Apture was set to 32 very high dept of field , my shutter was set to 30 seconds, and ISO 100
    so there was no reason for out of focus pictures.. EXCEPT! 1 thing I didn't realize, and yes it was my TRIPOD.. the tripod I was using was cheep for one thing the other is that on the specs of the tripod it said max weight was 2 pounds 3 ounces. my camera weights twice that at lease,  and sure enough I turned my live fiew on and zoomed in to check the focus and the focus was dead on crisp, but even when I was not touching the camera or the tripod, the dam picture was floating left and right and up and down so slightly on it's own as if the ground was slightly moving slowly.. AH HUH.. that was it my dam tripod was causing camera shake enough to fuzz the image…
    so check your tripod people make sure it's solid,  I went and bought a real nice tripod, the entire thing was made of metal so the camera mounted solid and didn't move a hair, I even tapped the tripod with a pencil and there was no shake,  I paid $400 + for my tripod but worth every penny believe me , if your going to do night photography don't skimp on the cost of your tripod, I got a  Gitzo GT-531  and it hasn't failed me yet.

  • OMG! Mark we need you on Haunter's Hangout! A majority of  Halloween Haunters cannot take night pictures or videos. Would love to talk to you more about it. Can you PM me on FB Juli Riedel. Great video and would love to see more!

  • you can't have a shutter speed ten + seconds without tripod or else the outcome of the photo will blur right? I have never owned a tripod so my question is; which type of tripod would you recommend for a beginner with easy use and possibly light weighted? 🙂 

  • I want to take pictures where i dont use the flash and when i go to focus before i even take the pic, i want it to come out like that. but it ends up brightening the picture even without flash and i want it purposly dimmer. how do i prevent that

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