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Diffusing Harsh Light Ep 318: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson: Adorama Photography TV


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  • Thanks Cristian, I thought that Bryan was the greatest. I watched Mark Wallace as you suggested and noticed that his videos are at least twice as long and he provides more "highlights" and illustrative pictures. I got stuck watching Mark for 4 hours :-). Tomorrow, I'll check out Gaving Hoey's.

  • .. thanks mate. i'm not worried about him at all, what i'm worried about is how stupid people have become to actually make trolling the internet a habit. back to bryan, he has my utmost respect, he started shooting in 1970, i was born in 1978, his photography profession is even longer than my life. i've read all his books and it helped me a lot with this craft. thanks bryan for all the help.

  • You first, I will do this until you stop. Kill yourself? I can upset you every time I reply. I'm on a mission from God. Bryan's videos suck. That's my reply. TTYL.

  • What??? The point was covered the previous day By Joe DiMaggio. This was a TOTALLY poorly done video in EVERY aspect. TTYL. The point was redundant

  • Another BS and utterly pointless comment from you that goes to show how stupid you are trying to attack the person and not the point. Have the sweetest nightmares.

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  • Again, another gay attempt at poking at someone. You are pathetic. Stop breathing my oxygen. Since you're not denying trolling physical shops, then I rest my case. I won't question your obsessiveness to troll Adorama online videos as well. You're hopeless. Rest in peace? Wow, and you want me to take you seriously??

  • Are you crying? Do I upset you? Man up. Bryan's videos suck. Are you stroking? Your gibberish makes you seem like you're drooling idiot. What the fuck do YOU care about what I say. Bryan is the worst videos Adorama puts out. If you don't like it, get a life. So if say something it's bitching, what am I supposed to call it when you say something? And you told mommy what "He made faces at me?" Rest in Peace.

  • Ok first you are just bitching. Second, let me go back to what I've been saying: the fuck you care about the resolution or Bryan. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?If you don't like the video go fuck yourself in the ass. You were just calling us names (reported btw)–e.g. "You are the one with Bryan's sperm between your teeth"–instead of responding to the comments. You don't go inside a shop then tell the owner how crappy their product is and leave. (Unless you do that in real life, I rest my case)

  • Aha, that's _your_ BEST? You're not even responding to my logic anymore. How pathetic. You just keep calling me names, like the second grader you are.

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  • 3.5 million dollars. Are you that stupid that this videos actually helped you? Did Bryan earn more than me? Dimwit, just because you feel threatened by someone you don't need to call them names. I stopped that by second grade. I guess you never matured past second grade.

  • asshole, You are an idiot, and Bryan is the WORST, photographer ever. Applause??? What an Asshole. Crying, I'm not the one defending someone else like he's your wife. Adorama should fire Bryan. Retard, vagina, you're such a societal burden. How long was your short bus ride when the sent you to special school?

  • Don't worry about him. He looks disturbed and retarded. For all we know, he's just jealous of Bryan. And all his pathetic attempts at photography are just photos of his bathrrom duckfaces

  • Hey logical hipster. How much have you earned from your famed photography yet? I bet Bryan earned more than you can ever do in your pathetic little try-hard hobby of yours.

  • Are you crying?! Go ahead, hipster. I see you have something against Bryan. You are being inconsistent, ma'am. We were talking about video res, which, being the retard you are, can't learn anything because of the crappy resolution, and now you have something against him? Didn't he lick your balls that's why you got offended? Clearly you're the logical one here. Applause. PS You have a vagina.

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