Borough Market 15 Minute Photo Challenge : Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey


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  • I enjoy the street photography of others but not doing it myself. Mobility scooter/wheelchairs, crowded places and stopping every couple of minutes to take a photo tends to make people very irate. I do like taking black and white photos and as usual your editing in Camera RAW was a masterclass, we are really lucky to have Adorama on YouTube.

  • Really enjoyed your tutorial. As always you kept me interested from start to finish. In my opinion you are the best teacher for the Adorama videos. Thank you.

  • @Adorama If you could answer this, that would be awesome! I've always been wondering what Gavin does with the photos he takes in these challenges. Does it delete them afterwards or does he put them on a external hard drive? Thanks!

  • I love these challenges. I'd love to do challenges like yours with a local group of photographers. I've mentioned it in the past but not too many people were keen on participating for some reason. You've got some awesome shots! Great job!

  • Hi Gavin, I watched your video and I didn't understand why you kept the ISO down at 200. Wouldn't it be safer shooting at ISO 400 or even 800?
    Thank you for your great videos!

  • Gavin… I know you are a "raw" kind of guy, but you ought to really give the "art filters" a try. In any case, remember that every art filter shot even though are jpegs the original image is still records as a raw file. The grainy B&W art filter in particular is my favorite.

    Also… don't be afraid to crank up that ISO I have shot up to ISO 12,800 with my E-M5 in low light mind you, and if you expose correctly you get very good results. And if you feel there is too much noise for your taste turn it into black and white in photoshop and give it an 'artsy' look 😉

    All the best my friend. Really like your videos.

  • I've learnt so much about what you can do in Camera Raw from these videos. Thanks. I made an early mistake of setting my DSLR to JPEG only. It took me a while to realise that I was missing at least 50% of an image's potential by not shooting RAW. Now I look back at some of my earlier favourite photos in JPEG and almost cry when I think how amazing they could have been. Summary – Shoot in RAW not just jpeg. Even if you don't fully understand RAW right now you'll be thankful you did later.

  • I have the Em5 I, and the 12-40 – the 12-40 is such a great lens! I love the locking focus ring. I would have loved a lock button though because mine does creep!

  • That time laps shot with the 2 persons in the middle and the rest moving (blurred) is a dream shot 😉
    Great shot, glad you showed it in in B/W
    Your the man, Gavin, as usual.
    Great video, more of this.
    I see 2 thumbs down, those people shoot their tumbs have cut off ;-)

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