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  • You miss my point. Brian thinks in FX, but the average Joe and Joline are using DX. He should mention that when he is using 70-300mm lens, anyone using a DX camera would have the same effect with a 55-200mm lens. Many of the mirrorless shooters have a 2X crop so they could have the same effect 35-150 range lens. Brian doesn't recognize crop sensors and also the fact that kit lenses don't have focus distance scales. He only knows pro gear LOL

  • Doug, I know what you mean…at 2:01 Bryan suggest out of focus foreground, to create a framing effect. I thought he would be using the green leaves to create this effect. He concentrated on the background instead. Great video, just disappointing.

  • Bryan,
    You talk about foreground framing and shooting through this object, but the images don't have any foreground framing elements. Maybe you are only intending to illustrate that the foreground elements will not show up in the image.

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