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  • If you are starting from no knowledge, and wanting to get the best out of these 20 videos, what order should you be watching them. The order of the list is clearly not the order they were produced. HELP!!!

  • The guy who buys all the expensive stuff and then doesn't use it is a godsend, means we can save a fortune buying second hand. We have Wexes in the UK which is our version of B&H, they cost more but if I'm buying anything above £700 they have that safety net. Below that price I will take the grey market risk, especially as our grey market is often stuff meant for the USA. I'm talking SLRHut rather than Amazon here. I really like Yongnuo flash systems and Sigma and a Tamron lenses, I actually bought some cheap Chinese Studio lights knowing I will fairly rarely use them, they are about 5 times more consistent than my friend's Alien Bees but I think he needs to send them back as faulty.

  • I wish I never saw this video I have the Sony a7ii and a Canon 70d. I am only a hobbyist and REALLY don't need new gear especially owning two different brands already. I realllllllllly wan't to buy the Fuji XT2 but don't need it. I have the worst case of G.A.S., I am the same way with audio gear I think I need to seek professional help. This is how bad my G.A.S. is with tech, I own 4 pair of custom in ear monitors that cost about $1800 a pair. I am not even in a band I only use them to listen to music. Thanks I helped me put the XT2 off for now.

  • Great video guys really enjoyed it I also think you should shop around when buying your gear I don't just mean locally I mean globally I'm living in Canada at the moment and buying my gear from BNH tends to be cheaper than buying it here in Canada even with the exchange rate however I bought a 24 to 70 mm ii L-series lens in Japan for $500 less than the states but the SanDisk memory cards were 50% more expensive than into US show it helps to know your product and spend a little time shopping around it can save you money

  • lol having this dilemma right now! I shoot weddings, i have two 6Ds and I am considering making the jump to the Mark3 ,seeing as how the Mark 4 just dropped.

  • haha Im in GAS moment. Not really, actually. I had a 70d and t3i for a long time, then I decided to get an used 5d mk iii, which Im in love with but now I want to upgrade my 70D to a 7d mk II, since I shoot sports and Im often in 4k-8k ISO range, which 7d mk ii will do just fine. NExt step is getting a 300mm 2.8 (my goal right now is 120-300mm 2.8 from sigma) so I have more reach. I can do pretty well with what I have, but extra reach and better conditions for my photography is worth the hassle I think. Or is it GAS talking louder?

  • thank you this answered alloy of questions and gave me some solid resources. G.A.S is something that I think was very important for me to hear. so far my thought process was to figure out how to use what I have and still have a bunch of unexplored features on my dslr. mostly because I am focusing on learning to use other things. I want to buy some other stuff but I am not sure what I will need or what I will use. thanks for the advice and the helpful tips

  • "Wait for upgrade your camera"… I have 2 Canon 6Ds.. and both are in the 4th Shutter change… like a 1.000.000 acturations…

    I think thats time to upgrade. :P

  • Great vid, but it is REputable.

    Also, there is a big scam on Amazon where an apparent private seller will advertise an expensive DSLR for a third the price, but they ask that you contact them first. Then they send you an email with the Amazon logo on it and ask for you to use a gift card, which is untraceable. They accept the payment and vanish. Almost happened to me, but I called Amazon first.

  • Would it be justifiable to upgrade to a A6000 instead of my A5000? Kinda want the better AF in the A6000 and also a good viewfinder. Can't decide if this is a better buy than a new lens. (Already have a 50 1.8, 28 2.8, 100 2.8, these first three are manual nikon lenses but still great quality. 55-210 3.5-6.3 and the normal kit lens 16-50) if I was to get a new lens it would be something to replace the 28mm and the wide angle side of the 16-50mm.

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