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USB Wall Charger Hidden 1080p Spy Camera Review


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  • Hey man. Can you comment the exact link that you purchased yours from? Id like to buy the exact same deal you got, with all the things included.

  • I have some of these, not the wifi. Got 3 of them of ebay for 20 a pop. I don't know about the wifi version, but the ones I have actually blew my mind with the picture clarity. The audio is awesome too. I like the motion detection function. It save you time. Overall, if anyone have a need to catch someone in the act, like my case, apartment living, this is a good investment. The only con is placement, but that can be resolve by angling a power strip on a table or on the floor filled with other plugged in electronics get an extension cord and angle the end on a table or dresser against the wall, place an ox tail on it and blend it in with household stuff. A smart thing to do is to keep these separate from expensive stuff. Don't connect a phone on it, or anything to it. I would be good as gone then. I wouldn't just put this on the wall, even if you have an outlet at eye level. This device should be blended in, not alone. I highly recommend this over an expensive radio cam or some technical hidden cam that used weird batteries. The biggest pro you will have is that this this is an AC power device. Plug and play without the technical crap that requires you to keep fiddling with it.

  • I have a question that I hopefully can get answered asap.. Some cams connect to wifi, I want one that I can plug into my laptop to download and retrieve my files or like a cam that takes a Sims card that I can slip into my notebook or laptop, ect.. What would I search for if I wanted a non wifi spy cam?

  • Are there any of these wall charger spy cams that have a built in battery so that they don't have to be plugged into the wall to record? Obviously having it plugged in means unlimited recording but it would be really convenient if it had at least an hour of battery life to just have it casually sitting on a table or something. Maybe have a tiny button under the faceplate to start recording off the battery

  • I've been using this exact spy cam and this thing works perfectly. The install was an issue downloaded the app HDMINICAM from Google Play but got that figured out. Then I turned on the motion detection alarm so every time someone walks by it, phone makes a sound to the point where it became annoying. I eventually turned it off. You can adjust the resolution 480p, 640p, 720, and 1080p. Can record sound with video. Can take a snapshot, there is a button for a mic but when I press it, nothing happens. I don't know if it starts recording with the motion detection but there are recordings. There is a recording button that I press and it starts the recording process. The app allows you to add 4 of the cams simultaneously. Oh and as a side note, I left the house on an errand about 5 miles away and went to check my phone and there it is my kitchen! I thought it was a recording but it's the live feed! I'm still trying to figure it out. In my humble opinion, this camera is worth the money HANDS DOWN!!!! And you can use it as a charger too. Just thought I should mention that.

  • The wifi ones are crap, sorry to say. I am a seller of these cameras on Amazon and I've tested a lot of different models. I can tell you, 100% of the wifi ones are crap.. Check the reviews of the wifi ones and you'll see lots of fake reviews. It's sad but true. I don't want to spam this channel but if you're interested in a quality charger camera, let me know. Like I said I have my own private brand and I sell these on Amazon.

  • This looks like a scam. I bought this camera after watching this review and:

    1. The contents in the box are not the same; no CD and no TF Card (although this last one was warned when purchasing at Amazon). Definitely not wrapped in plastic; it actually came with and oily, dirty feel to the touch.

    2. The instructions (which are like a Google translation and require a lot of "common sense" interpretation from the user) are not completely clear

    3. In this video, the camera shows up in the list right away. Not happening here; I downloaded the "iMiniCam" app, then I connected to the WiFi network that the camera provides, then I opened the app; no camera detected; when clicking on the "+" sign and "Add new online Camera", nothing is detected. When clicking on the "Setup device WiFi connection", it doesn't pull any network (but it does pull it if connected to your house WiFi network, which doesn't work, anyway, as it displays the error message of the UID being invalid); if I type it and then type the password (indicated in the instructions manual), it still doesn't connect. Adding new Camera manually doesn't seem to work either.

    4. None of the combinations of either my house or the cam wifi networks, with either my house or the cam network passwords, in either, "Add new ONLINE Camera", "Add new Camera MANUALLY", or "Setup device WiFi connection" options, work. With or without the TF Card.

    5. No camera is detected.

    So, after $73,61 ($44 for the camera and $30 for a TF Card plus fast shipping), I have no camera to use, Thank you.

  • C'mon man, you got a link to the camera that has a page full of cameras that all look just alike. It's like telling me to go to the back room and grab a pair of shoes in a room full of nothing but shoes. I want the one that you have in this video. Not a multiple guess choice from a page full of the same type of cameras. I just had to return one for poor ass quality. Avoid Spy See at all cost. It looks like complete shit.

  • Does it start recording automatically when we turn/switch on the charger? that way we don't have to go to the app evertime and press record?

    How long is the range before it losses its signal?

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