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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Review


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  • They didn't put the same quality sensors/lenses on both wide angle and standard zoom because of physics. Just like how your 50mm lens isn't as small as your 28mm lens with the same aperture, or how 85mm with the same aperture would be significantly bigger. Not only did they have to have to reduce the aperture, they also need to reduce the size of the sensor for the standard zoom lens (what they're trying to call "telephoto").

    Well, they technically _can_, but the lens would then protrude a LOT more than the 28mm lens. People don't want protruding lenses right? Look how much more the iPhone X's camera protrudes just because they used a larger aperture compared to the iPhone 8's telephoto (f2.4 vs f2.6).

    I personally don't care if the lens protrudes. Make the protrusion seamless (or at least attractive) and slap an f1.0 lens on the 28mm lens and an f1.2 on the 55mm lens, with slightly larger sensors. Screw portrait mode, the bokeh would be the real deal on such wider apertures, more like 50mm f5.6 on full frame. THAT would be the camera to beat, and the best in both low-light and well lit conditions.

  • If the two cameras were same/identical then people would have use the secondary camera only and this would have made the primary camera look silly
    So I think this is why companies keep distances between the two cameras just to ensure both get equal respect

  • In my DSLR's kit lens, the longer the focal length is, the narrower the widest possible aperture value is. Telephoto lens can give more dramatic shallow DoF in wide aperture than wide angle lens can in the same aperture value.

  • Chris Wtever nailed it below…. I think that future telephoto will be digital effects rather than real telephoto… A Bigger sensor with more pixels could provide a heavily cropped image, giving the impression of zooming in. You just can't get around physics. It's like sound… You want loud bass ? Then the speaker cone has to move a lot of air… Just not physically possible with a tiny speaker. Great review though, many thanks !

  • Andru Edwards to answer your question about why can't they put a telephoto lens that lets in the same amount of light as the normal one.
    The amount of light that gets in is controlled by the size of the aperture. The size of the aperture is expressed as the focal length divided by number ie. f/1.6 in the case of the normal lens of the Note 8. For the telephoto lens which is 2x that of the normal lens the aperture will have to be 2x the size to allow the same amount of light in. Also to get all that light to focus in the telephoto lens is more complicated.
    You just have to compare the interchangeable lenses in DSLRs. Get 2 lenses, 1 with 2x the focal length of the other. If you can find one with the same aperture you will see how much bigger the telephoto lens is (more than 2x I can assure you) and also a lot more expensive because of the complicated optics to achieve the same quality of image.
    In a phone where space is very limited it is just not practical to put in a telephoto that can give the same quality as the normal lens
    Hope this helps

  • Samsung had selective focus since 2014 with the galaxy s5, which you can blur out the front or back object. But now that the iPhone has portrait mode Every one forgets. Next thing you know the iPhone 8 gets multi view and call it retina view and everyone forgets that Samsung started that in 2012 with the note 2

  • I would have preferred a small camera bump, single camera, and a move to a 1/2 or even a 2/3 inch sensor, and get something that offer a significant boost in ISO performance.

  • So… What happens if you were to play a video or music underwater with the phone? Because I know if a person were to go underwater and shout, air bubbles will rise because they're breathing out. What about a phone? Would it just be muffled? What would happen with the sound?

  • The can is a major part that I use. But, the one thing that tops it all off for me, is the Spen. Everybody who knows me, knows how much of a fan I am of the Note phones. I haven't been without a Note phone since I received my pre-order of the Note 3 and upgraded every year after. This year is no different, I pre-ordered the Note 8 and after a little less than a year being without my Note 7, I cannot wait to get my Note 8 tomorrow!

  • Clean the phone off man. Yuck

    Edit: In regards to having two equally performing sensors on dual camera set up, the answer is quite simple to me… Money. I feel like no one in the tech review world has any damn clue how expensive on a mass scale it is for these OEMs to produce such devices. Even if it costs 50 bucks more for them to put a better sensor on the second cam, that times a couple hundred million adds up damn quick. We have become so spoiled as consumers. Give us more, but we want to pay less. Why do you think most companies are failing quarter after quarter in the mobile space? All we want is discounts, freebies and BOGOs… But, oh yeah, give everything in the phone and make it the top of the line, too. Super unrealistic, if you ask me.

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