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RVS-155W Wireless Back Up Camera System by Rear View Safety | Product Review


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  • Nice video very helpful and informative. I now just need to find someone locally that does reviews and have them install 2 side cameras and 1 rear view camera. My 82 short bus would benefit greatly considering I can not see anything at all right now from the rear or either side.
    Thanks again for the review.

  • The studder is caused by frame rate buffering overload. Since you are moving at hi-way speeds any great amount of change in the pixels in the frame caused by fast motion of any object, it will cause digital cameras to studder. You see, the way they "save" band width on digital camera transmissions is by transmitting only the pixels that have changed, and it can only do this so fast. So you will see this in digital transmissions in sports events on LCD screens, they will studder too if the screen refresh rate is too low. This is why people buy 240 Mhz LCD TVs in stead of 120 Mhz refresh rate LCD TVs, so they can see the sporting events without studdering. Since this camera transfers Frames through digital transmissions, you are seeing studder because of the cumulative changes in pixels per frame that have to be transmitted to update the image in the monitor up front. If the camera and monitor where on a higher frequency, the total through put would be greater and there would be no studder. Like when you use 5 Ghz on a Home WIFI system instead of 2.4 Ghz, it has a greater through put because it can transmit higher amounts of data for the same bandwidth of one channel because it talks twice as fast as the lower frequency. Hope this helps. Cheers and as always God bless.

  • This has been so helpful. We had a backup camera installed when we bought our used motorhome. I don't know if I accidentally push a button, but it was reversing the image. My husband would be directing me from the drivers side, but the camera showed him on the passenger side. I see from you video I must have one of those "Mir/nor" buttons. Thanks for your help.

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