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Let’s Shoot #2 – What type of people end up in my street photography and why?


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  • I pose a few questions:
    Do you take single shots or burst?
    Do you level your camera? Spirit level or digital gyroscope for every shot?
    How does your post workflow look like? The colors in some images today look really great with the grey and light blue. Do you have some color palettes you prefer in saturation? Do you crush the shadows in post? What kind of black and white is your favorite. Just desaturate and add contrast, or do you take only one of the RGB channels?

  • I and currently on a classtrip/vacation in Lissabon and I got a tiny Sony RX100IV with me. Lots of tourists are here and there is no shame in handling a camera. A great place to get comfortable because nobody knows me and so do I.

    Today I looked for special light like I saw in your Instagram, but wasn't successful. Tommorow is my last day and I really hope to get one or two nice shots.

  • Amazing video, Mattias. As the others said, this format is very good – makes the viewer part of your thinking flow. VERY informative.

    Keep the good work. 🙂

    (missing you in eoshd)

  • Great video and I love the format!!! It reminds me of the movie "war photographer" (with less killing) and is really nice to see again the street of Sweden. Something that is always in the back of my mind when shooting street photography is that the people might react when they see that they are being photographed and that usually limits my work a lot. Some days I just don't care, but either way is something that is always there. Would you mind talking about this?

  • It's often said that law is easy, but that it's a lawyer's job to make it complicated. The same can sometimes be said of photography and photographers (or even one or 2 on YT that aren't even photographers). This definitely doesn't apply with you, you've explained it simply and effectively. Keep up the good work! Btw, I am always chasing light on the way back from work with my GR, it's good fun.

  • Hej Mattias, Your video made me want to say my present feeling about street photography as a phenomenon. I have been doing it myself for 3-4 years myself, mostly in Copenhagen where i live, but now I am questioning it. What is a point of catching people anawares (or awares) who are transporting themselves. Maybe they are expressing themselves somehow but what kind of stories are these? Silly and superficial. This has become some kind of sport to hunt people and those who appreciate these photos are other hunters and very few others, looks like to me. Not to speak of the ethics of this. I understand using small figurines in a bigger scene but just shooting people close up without permission or with a more or less reluctant permission? I know that Swedes (or Danes for that matter) usually don't seem to care but some do, and some pretend not to care in order not to provoke a conflict. While walking the streets with my camera, I have seen other "streeters" and often I had an impression of seeing some sort of perverts looking for victims. I may sound negative but I'd like to hear your opinion. Have you ever had such thoughts yourself? Best from Copenhagen.

  • do you ask permission to take someones photo ? My wife and I are into street photography and most weekends we take our cameras . I like using a long lens as it makes me feel less intrusive but my wife is mostly around 20-40mm and right up close to subjects .

  • I thought the images were excellent and I agree with your comment about street photography. I also enjoyed seeing Stockholm as I live in Atlanta. You are the "painter" of the scene and you are correct when you decide what the image will be. Thanks!

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