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  • Enjoyed this! Very nice vid! Makes me miss my photography schools streetphoto courses i kinda half-assed myself through. wish i had this drive that im feeling now back then :/

  • Loved this video very real and simple. Although I was aware/knew most of what you were talking about it was really nice to have some unagendedly just talk about and explain street photography. Well done sir

  • I was taking a few shots of cool old cars the other day when the director and a teacher of a nearby school came out in panic mode. Eyes a bit wide, like you might be if you were lost on a hiking trail and finally found a person. Apparently there was a report of someone taking pictures in the parking lot. I thought they were thinking car accident or some such, but they were afraid of the camera. It was subversive and not an art maker, at all.

    Wow! I felt bad for them. Maybe a little self conscious as well. As a dad with a camera, much of the time I have my camera with me and I am very sensitive of where I point and shoot. But even so, this was just a good example to me that 2018 has matured our collective paranoia to the high alert. I just won't shoot people at all unless they are family or they are OK with it.

    Really held back on an "old school" at the skate park the other day. He looked the bomb. So interesting, but I just did not need the potential heat so I let his potential burn into ether. I am glad others are brave, however. Love street art with the contrast and other interesting human element captured.

  • I happened to come across this, and to everyone I say, straight forward information, no mocking about, excellently said. Take it from a one who has done these tricks since 69. Cheers mate!

  • Gary, awesome video. So far the most true statement/video out there about the nature of street photography – use whatever equipment you own or can afford, figure out them settings which makes ur photos unique and capture moments the way YOU see it and not the way ppl tell u to capture. And don't be an ass hole while doing it! Thanks Gary!

  • Wow! Thanks Gary. I’m a street photographer myself and what you say is absolutely genius.
    I find I don’t worry too much about depth of field or shutter speed, just grab the camera when you see something and start photographing. I’m usually more upset about the shots I miss. I just wasn’t fast enough to get the shot.
    I agree about not overthinking it, after doing it a while you start to get a hang of it, like anything else.
    I use 24-85 zoom and a couple of primes.
    I shoot with mirrorless cameras because they’re a bit smaller. I take a minimum of equipment, and try to fit in to my surroundings.
    I try to keep it simple and pay very close attention to my surroundings.
    Some days it’s hard to get one good shot and other days I hit the jackpot.
    If I could give just one piece of advice, don’t give up. Just keep shooting and editing your work will help you in the long run.
    Again fantastic video!!

  • Hi Gary i think this video is excellent it tells you how it is and how it can be the good bits and the more scary.
    The straight forward no BS information is so helpfull this video alone made me subscribe to you.
    Since this video i have also watched your lake district trips and been very impressed first class work.

  • You alluded to the fear shown in some quarters about people photographing in public places. The irony is that if anyone was intent on bad things, the last thing they would do is draw attention to themselves by using a big DSLR outfit. They would be sneaking around with phones or tiny pocket cameras. Yet there are so many stories of people being harassed by those who really should know better – police officers or security staff. We do all need to know the rules, and as you say anywhere in a public place is fair game (with a few exceptions). People have to right to an expectation of privacy in public places either, so cannot legally stop you photographing them. However, as you also say, tact is required sometimes.

  • Thanks Gary! There are some great tips here. I am going to be in London in a couple of weeks’ time, and will have a go, although there are plenty of opportunities for street photography here in New York. I grew up in London, but it it is constantly changing and has changed so much since I left for New York 18 years ago. I feel like a tourist these days when I’m in London.

  • Really enjoyed that Gary..some great images of varying styles…..glad to see my old home town didn't beat you up too much !! …and I'm like you, at 6ft 3 it's tough to blend in seamlessly !!

  • Gary this is the best vlog I have watched about doing street. I have tried a couple of times but never been happy with the results probably because I feel uncomfortable I end up with bad images. I am visiting a food fayre on saturday and thanks to watching your video I will give it another go. Thanks

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