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Best Video Baby Monitor 2017? – Amcrest Ultra HD Camera Review


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  • I can personally say after trying MANY different cameras in question (Nanit, Nest, Circle, Arlo, Motorla, etc) we have BY FAR been happiest with our Amcrest camera as a baby monitor – and it was far cheaper than all of the others as well. We've had it for over a year and nothing else has ever come close. Because of this, we'll be using this same brand for security around our entire home.

  • We got the lower-res(1080p/720p) version of this camera for our son's nursery about a year and a half ago. I was frustrated with Amcrest's app, but quickly found out that the tiny camera app for android and the baby monitor app for ios work more than fine for it, and even have more features than the amcrest app. The reason for this is because it uses a the standardized realtime streaming protocol, or RTSP.

    So even on a desktop, you can load up "rtsp://user:[email protected]<camera-ip-address>&quot; in a browser or directly in VLC, and have a great view right away. When I work from home I keep a VLC window up to keep an eye on our son while he naps. We like the way it works so much that we bought another one and put it in the garage.

    Highly recommended!

  • Hey DadVerb, thanks again for the review. I picked up the 2k version this last week. Check this out as a recommendation for future IP cam videos. I powered up my old 2015 5th gen Kindle Fire 7". The cheap $39.99 model. I have been streaming to it with screen on for about 4hrs now and battery is at 79%. I have the brightness at the lowest setting as where it will usually be for any night viewing. It's not warm at all like my iPhone gets. This seems to be an excellent option for those that want a better camera but also want a dedicated screen to pair with it. I am really surprised by the battery life. The latest cheap $39.99 Kindle Fire would like have even better performance over this 5th gen. Great solution Amcrest 2k IP cam + Kindle Fire = $130.
    Only other item needed would be a cheap pop up stand for the nightstand or counter.

  • Hey folks… Me and my wife just had our second baby in December of 2017 and are looking for baby monitors. Right now he is sleeping in our bed room in a cradle so no rush but. We are concerned about the safety and privacy of WiFi enabled cameras. Would something like the amcrest or Arlo be that much more secure than the VTech and Graco monitors ??

  • Great video. Our first 8yrs ago we used a cheap Vtech and it still was the best tool for baby hands down. Imagine these will be even better. Hope I can find VOX & Temp features.

    PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL when installing your camera near the crib. First time parents out there your kid will grab for everything. He/She will grow quick and will have a crazy reach. KEEP THE POWER CORD FAR AWAY FROM CRIB. Google the number of reported deaths from all sorts of items stored to close to crib including power cords. I understand with clean setups like his you might be tempted to hide the wire behind the crib. Don't risk the safety, secure that cable & camera as far as needed to keep growing arms away from it. Use some cable hiding strips and paint it to match if needed to conceal the cable.

  • Hey guys, I have a IP camera baby monitor called Fredi. How easy setting it up (NOT) Basically it's telling me the camera wont work with 5G. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions please, I'd be greatfull for any help. Paul

  • Hi, thank you for posting this video. I've been searching for a video camera to put in my nursery. I have twin daughters and we walked in on one of my babies having a seizure. I really think this is the monitor for us. Do you think this camera will alert us in the event of a seizure? We've been through 3 baby cams already and they all failed us.

  • Thanks for the awesome review ! I have been researching Baby, Nanny, Video Camera's for a month to give to my Son and Daughter In Law as a home warming gift or to my new grandson. His bedroom is on the other side of their new home. As is the other 2 children. They have the old regular listening monitor, But I wanted as they did , more. This looks great compared to what I have looked at online and as you stated , Buy Buy Baby. Unreal all the differences. To much to consider as most do not connect to your smartphones. Or if they do , cost is unreal for 3 stars by users. Thanks !

  • can i use this with just my phones LTE or 4G internet or do I need to have a home internet connection through like mediacom or century link or something?

  • Hi, we just loved this camera but regarding notifications, you said you can get them when there's movement. Is it possible to have notifications as well if there's noise in the room? Thanks

  • Thanks for this review! we have baby #2 and we used the monitor that my 4yr had back when he was an infant and it's giving out on us already. this has such cool features and im excited to try it

  • I'm in the market for a new baby monitor. I've seen horrible things about hackers hacking into security cameras such as these. Is there a function or setting with this camera to prevent that? Thanks

  • When you pull up this app on your phone, will it leave your phone screen on or will your phone lock after a certain period of time? Wondering if I can just pull up the app and leave it by my bed so I can peek on my baby while she's sleeping without having to unlock my phone 🙂

  • Great review: just a couple questions. I work nights and would like a baby monitor that will notify me when the baby wakes up, and that I can speak into and have my husband hear me on the other side. I will need to access it on 4G, as I will not have wifi. I'm hoping it will be easy to install so that I can see the crib clearly, but also move enough to see her up and about with my husband. Do you feel this would be a good fit?

  • Hi Tiu, great video… quick clarification, as I would use it as a baby monitor exclusively would I hear any noise immediately come through via my iPhone or would I need to have my iPhone unlocked and entered into the app then clicked on the speaker?  As if I'm in a different room and I can't immediately hear my child then that may be problematic.  Thanks

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